A note from the pastor.....

Northside Family,

            Our church family and community have experienced hardship in the previous days. Thankfully we have a mighty Father in heaven who is good and love endures forever! As we have ministered to our church family directly impacted by the storm, they have expressed this thankfulness as well!

            At the writing of this, our Northside family has 13 who have lost their homes, one seriously injured and no deaths. Each has a place to stay and when asked, do not have any immediate needs. God is so gracious! We want to continue praying for, loving and serving each other. If you have any needs or know of any needs within our church family, please let the office know. If you want to love and serve our church family, please let the office know how. When those needs arise, we will seek to align you in the proper direction.

            Many of us have been loving on and serving those directly impacted in several ways such as prayers, donating, debris clean up, sorting possessions, feeding, opening our facilities, etc.… Good job by you Northside! As we continue serving our church family, community and surrounding area, the city is coordinating efforts through the hub at Calvary Baptist Church. We are in communication with them seeking any ways we can help and encourage you to touch base with them.

             Continue loving, serving and praying for one another Northside! We look forward to a sweet time of fellowship at our Christmas meal directly after church this Sunday! May God bless you greatly and be blessed greatly through you!